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Programmer Niantic has discussed new anti-hacking features for Pokémon Go which could observe players using methods that were unsanctioned incapable to view Pokémon.

Niantic discussed the safety features on, writing: "We’re committed to preserving the state of Pokémon Go and our community of Trainers.

"Individuals who violate the Pokemongo Terms of Service (including with third party software as well as additional secrets) might have their gameplay impacted and may possibly not manage to observe each of the Pokémon around them.

“ While we cannot discuss the systems executed, we are able to affirm that we're continuously improving strategies that are new to make sure the strength of the game to be able to make sure it stays enjoyable and fair for all Trainers. ”

The new security measures would effectively imply gamers that use spiders and third-party trackers would be not able to view certain Pokémon seeming in the crazy.

While certain Pokémon will probably be created unavailble to balances that have been flagged as using unsanctioned enjoying methods, what's more, robot accounts have seemingly been banned from buying item
s in the Pokemon Store.Image result for Latest Pokemon Go Features


Gamers were treated to the game's first major update in 2013, which brought a whole fill of fresh Pokémon into the affray. Unfortunately, fans are nevertheless awaiting the Famous Pokemon (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, and Mew) to appear – although we know they truly are in the game. But it seems before the animals are formally launched they may not have to wait.

After an award was won by Pokemongo Niantic global product advertising lead Archit Bhargava spoke in the 21st Annual Webby Awards for Most Useful mobile-game of 20 17. Staying with the five-word popularity speech limit, Bhargava mentioned: “This summertime will be infamous.”

It is not just recognized evidence, but it appears like a surefire bet the Renowned creatures will likely be coming this summer, so stay tuned in.

A Pokémon Go Venture Week party Niantic can also be now holding. The event brings mo Re Rock-type Pokémon to the game such as Kabuto, Omanyte, and their Evolutions. In addition, it means more things will undoubtedly be granted from every PokéStop, and Stick Balls may be 50% away in the in-sport shop. Together with that, buddy Pokemon may find Sweet four-times as fast. The event is running today and concludes a-T 9pm GMT on May Possibly 25.


  • Those Pokémon Go players carrying their Poké out -intrusions on Android might be unaware they can now benefit from a feature saved just for the version of the sport that works Google's mobile OS. Especially, the variation of the game now allows players to enter promo codes in the Shop as a way to receive unique things. That's right, Android gamers are now able to get things without paying for them.
  • There has been no official declaration from Niantic, but should you brain over to the Pokemon-Go help webpages, you'll locate a page focused on the brand new characteristic. According to Niantic: "Pokémon GO occasionally offers promotional codes through our partnerships and specific events. Coupon codes can be utilized to redeem things including Poké Balls, Lure Modules, Lucky Ova, and more."
  • How all does it work? Properly it really is pretty clear-cut. Only brain into the Guide View and pat on the Main Menu button. Afterward, tap on the Store option where youwill have the capacity to enter the coupon code in a text area, and search to the base of the display. Then hit against Receive, and also you must be good to go.
  • We are certain it will find its way onto iOS shortly, although a note on the support page makes clear this feature is limited to Android. Only at that point, there does not actually seem to be any known functioning promo rules, but keep tuned in for more in the near future.


  • Niantic has been attempting to retain players on its well-liked game with special events that are several that offer upgrades, special items, and also the possibility to capture different creatures. So that as the current Easter 'Eggstravaganza' occasion comes to a shut (it works till April 20), there's news of bigger events returning as time goes by.
  • Niantic Asian Basic Manager Yoshiji Kawashima h AS spoken to K-Tai View, implying there would have been a huge event in the forseeable future. He said (translated): "I hope that you will be looking forward to the enormous event as time goes by, and I think that we can prepare a device that can enjoy the event... Please expect. In addition there will likely be occasions that are big as well, however you may still find modest occasions such as this, although lately there was a festival of Pokemon. Please look forward to it. Technologists are working hard now-so that fresh functions might be implemented."
  • Initially, it was noted that Kawashima stated a huge event will be returning Come July 1St, but K-Tai Watch h AS amended its statement to state the Common Supervisor merely known to the event occurring in the "future".
  • Many are expectant of the Legendary Pokémon to to seem after this season, alongside lengthy-rumoured attributes such as for instance player , PvP manners, and raids trading. It surely appears as if Niantic has huge plans, so stay tuned in, although at this point, there's no official word on when these features will arrive.


Niantic CEO John Hanke and Cabled Germany spoke at the MWC occasion of last week, and answered a question about when the legendary creatures could be added to Pokémon Go. Although he did not say expressly that the rare Pokémon would be added, he did say: "I can safely say we'll find mo Re of it-this twelvemonth," and Wired's statement asserts the developer is working on bringing the creatures to the sport.

The generation one and two critters that are famous include Mew, Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia, also, obviously the mythical birds Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. It certainly seems Niantic h-AS big plans for 2017, although there's no promise when or if we'll find those creatures occur.

As Hanke will be a part of a SXSW panel later this week, what's mo-Re, most are are anticipating further information on a new update for the game. The panel itself will discuss "Augmented-Reality and City Revitalization," but we might observe some Pokemongo-associated news emerge in the occasion. Keep tuned in!


Well, it's taken seven months to arrive, but Niantic has eventually gifted Pokémon Go players with an important update that introduces 80 new creatures from the Gold and Silver video games. The newest nasties will begin popping up by the finish of the week, and are extracted from from the imaginary "Johto" region of the Pokémon Gold and Silver world.

We haven't been offered a full list of the Pokémon that was new a-T this stage, but Niantic has declared the three newcomers Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile. Luckily, there is also a new movie, where you can catch a glance of a few of one other fresh additions.


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